Wallet-Chain-Set "Chain Gang", limited Edition

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Wallet -Chain-Set, limited Edition (only 500 pieces), numbered. In detail composed of:... more
Product information "Wallet-Chain-Set "Chain Gang", limited Edition"

Wallet -Chain-Set, limited Edition (only 500 pieces), numbered. In detail composed of:

Precious wooden box with engraved and numbered sliding lid.

Wallet - Chain from best cowhide, with belt loop, V4A rotary swivel ca. 60 mm long and stainless steel chain to connect up the Wallet. The Leather Chain contains approx. 125 components, which are all handcrafted , assembled and against falling apart etc. individual locked. Total length ca. 28" (ca. 70cm).

Keyholder, leather matching to the wallet chain, with very robust, 70mm long V4A carabiner and keyring.

The rotary swivel of the chain and the carabiner of thekeyholder are V4a, this is stainless steel used inside and also outside. V4A is resistant against water, steam,air humidity, some acids, and capable for chloric areas, closeness to salt water and so on.

T-Shirt, colour: black, min. 185g/m², with "ChainGang"-print and member-no. in red and white. Size is selectable free.

Leather colours : brown or black

Attention, because it´s an handmade product, delivery time could be up to 3-4 weeks!

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